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Tomorrow I’m going here:

I went last year too – it was the first and best wool show I’ve been to so far so I’m really excited! Never thought I’d ever be this excited about wool before I started felting 😉

I should be asleep now really as it’s 1am and I have to get up at 7 for the drive ahead. Will post again after the event!

Taken from the Wonderwool website


Wow, Ally Pally was certainly an exhausting day out!

We started out at 6am this morning, drove into London, confused the sat-nav, shopped for 7 hours straight (bar the odd tea break), drove back through some VERY busy London traffic and then got home! Hey, I’m tired so won’t even try to be eloquent. 😛

It was a great day and I’m so glad I went as I’ve wanted to for ages, but I was decidedly disappointed with the lack of felt making supplies on offer. I did come back with a few lovely bits and bobs, and huge amounts of encouragement and inspiration though, which I will show you just as soon as I find the charger for the camera!

Anyway, I’m blimmin knackered now so night night 🙂

Update: I’ve been busy working for the past 20 hours, but will dig for the charger tomorrow. I’ll also upload the photo of the felted soap if I remember!

Felted trees, courtesy of

Felted trees, courtesy of

The 3rd of October 2009 is the first international day of Felt. They are running a competition based around the theme of Red, Yellow and Orange and there will also be international guerilla felting taking place.

My guess is that the idea was born from the guerilla knitting that has been taking place for quite a while now (hardly Sherlock Holmes, am I!). Do a google images search, it’s great!

I’ve been wanting to do some street felting ever since I first heard about the knitting craze, and am glad that someone more influential has actually done it!

According to the website, today is the London event which I am sure will be absolutely amazing. Wish I could have taken part but can’t wait to see the photos! I only have scraps of yellow and orange fleece, and no red at all but I’m sure I will be able to make something for the 3rd. I’ll probably tie it to the dog rose bush in my front garden. We live in quite a busy road in the city so hopefully lots of people will see it (and it won’t be raining!). Perhaps some needle felted birds…we’ll see.

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