As you may have gathered, I love to felt. In fact, I like to try out any new crafty or creative thing I come across, so this blog may detail other things from time to time. I’ve dipped my toes in the pools of knitting, card making, drawing (observational – for some reason my imagination leaves me when it comes to this) jewellery making and now felting and spinning – next I would like to try willow weaving, and also sewing on my new vintage (oxymoron but you know what I mean) singer sewing machine, which I am very proud of.

I love texture and colour, both of which I can have plenty of fun with when felting. I enjoy the tactile nature of the process and the end result and find it very exciting to watch new pieces come to life with a little inspiration and elbow grease.

I am unfortunately on a quite – read very – tight budget so have to be both creative and patient in terms of materials.  This gives me plenty of time to daydream about fluffy things so when I get around to it I usually have a fair few ideas that I’d like to try.

As those of you with cats will probably know, it can be a challenge working with wooly materials around our fluffy friends so I tend to shut myself away for hours on end. Makes me feel like a proper artist!

That’s it for now 🙂

Rosie x