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Well, in my last post (nearly a year ago!!!) I promised that I would update again soon….oops!
I’m in the midst of uni life (exams and other stressful stuff) at the moment but thought I would at least post a pic for now 🙂

I’m not making any promises this time, I’ve learned my lesson! Rest assured though, my love of felting has not dwindled in the slightest. Been to wonderwool and picked up a massive stash of goodies with which i will be experimenting as soon as time allows.
Anyway, time for the piccy – this was made last summer:


The day after I made the reversible wet felted bag I made a mobile phone case.

It was made using the same Corriedale tops as the handles in the bag. It was a beautiful blend of colours so has achieved a really nice effect. I felted it around a form but wanted it to be a bit ‘wobbly’ so made the bottom of the template curved.

Although I don’t believe it was necessary I felted the flap using the resist too. I only wanted it to be half the thickness of the rest of the case (in order that it would be flexible enough) so only laid half the amount of fibre.

Outside of phone case

Outside of phone case.

Phone with its case

Phone with its case - sturdy enough to prop the phone up with!

After the felt had dried I attached some pink and purple glass beads in a kind of star/flower pattern. I then added sequins with pink seed beads between the pink beads. It still needed something so I added a final sequin in the centre with a purple seed bead to hold it in place.

I then attached the popper. I didn’t go all the way through the felt. This was actually because the felt was so thick and rigid that I couldn’t turn it inside out to go all the way through. I’m glad that I did it this way and will continue to do so. My poppers always wear out way before whatever they’re holding together so I used a lot of stitches to secure them.

All in all, I like it and I think my phone does too!

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