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Well, in my last post (nearly a year ago!!!) I promised that I would update again soon….oops!
I’m in the midst of uni life (exams and other stressful stuff) at the moment but thought I would at least post a pic for now 🙂

I’m not making any promises this time, I’ve learned my lesson! Rest assured though, my love of felting has not dwindled in the slightest. Been to wonderwool and picked up a massive stash of goodies with which i will be experimenting as soon as time allows.
Anyway, time for the piccy – this was made last summer:


I promise I’ll update soon!

I’m in the middle of sorting out a move, new job, bursary for uni etc etc so I just don’t have the time to post properly now. Will be in the new place by July though (all going well, fingers crossed!) so will post then if not before!

Hi All,

I found out that the Felting Fibres blog is having a competition, how exciting.

All you have to do is choose at least 4 colours which remind you of ‘May and Food’. The winner will get one of Master Feltmaker Chrissie Day’s amazing waterfall jackets in the said colours. Lucky winner!

When you’ve chosen your colours email them to Chrissie at: by the 31st May.

You can find her blog (including the competition post) at

It’s a wondeful blog, full of beautiful pictures, interesting info and tutorials – well worth a read.

I think it’s a really interesting challenge, as you may have noticed I haven’t worked by choosing a theme and colour story anywhere near this rigidly myself. I can’t wait to see what she does with the colours she chooses.

Have fun choosing 🙂

P.S. I WILL post my latest things soon, made a bowl, bag and cobweb scarf so far!

I’ve updated the banner, I never really was pleased with the last one:

Old Banner

For the new one I changed the text slightly (stupidly I forgot to save it in layers and only had the flattened GIF file above…eek!) by tracing over the old text. Then I got rid of the stock type felt background and the badge icons and used some images of my work – snippets again but for some reason straight lines seem more sophisticated then dots. Which is a shame for me, miss dotty!

What do you think? I’ll probably change it again but I reckon it’s an improvement.