Well I haven’t got round to doing much to my felted bag these last couple of days but my apple chutney has appeared on another lovely blog so I thought I’d share.

The chutney was a result of hours of chopping, slicing and stirring with my Mum. It is an old family favourite recipe but this year made with apples from my tree…very satisfying! Be warned though if preparing mountains of garlic – it burns! Protect your fingers, as it managed to give my Mum (asbestos hands) weeks of pain and blisters. It is particularly good with curry and stew..mmmmm!

Anyway, courtesy of my boyfriend’s colleague Gaelle you can see her post ‘Sunday morning munchies’ in the sweetly titled blog which is in French here: http://moonlightslittlekitchen.blogspot.com/

and in English, courtesy of google translater (you can make out what it means, ish) here.

I want some food now!

Bye for now (I’m off to get some) x