Today I’ve been busy working on my latest project of a wet felted bag. It is drying at the moment so I will upload pictures tomorrow hopefully.

I love the fact that felted bags are totally seamless. With this in mind, knowing that the only way to reinforce it would be to line it which I think would be quite tricky, I made sure it was very thick and very well felted. I have done a few other projects now so have got the feel for how thick I should make layers now. It is my first piece that is universally thick all over. Yay!

It is my first ever bag, and with that in mind I am very happy with it. I may have picked up some hints and tips for other beginner/progressing felt makers in the process though!

1. I tried making some prefelt handles in 2 different colours and then rolling them together to create a twist effect. The individual strands have felted nicely, however I think I must have felted them too much before rolling together as the 2 colours don’t want to felt together. No matter though, as I’m sure I can fix it with a bit of stitching. I will try to add photos of them at their current stage to show you what I mean.

I call it reversible as this was the idea, and I made a pattern on one side and plain colour on the other, so…

2. I hadn’t really thought it through properly and made the pattern on the ‘inside’ when making. This meant that    the dots that I added moved around more than I would have wanted. This does mean that they have a nice random appearance but have not kept the shape I would have liked. I would have been very happy with this though if I just wanted it as the lining pattern.

3. Also, 3 of the dots are not really that visible (I started to lay the block colour down before remembering I wanted dots so had to make spaces to fit them in – next time I’m forgetful at this first stage I’ll start again!)

I think I want to make a big felted flower to add to the bag. In fact, I think I will make 2 – one for each side. I plan to attach them to a brooch pin so I can remove/move them as I fancy.

It did take me hours and hours to get to this stage, but it’s worth it 🙂 It really is a labour of love, this feltmaking business.