I’ve started this blog so that I can document and share my creative ideas. I love felting – especially wet felting, although I have been doing various crafty things all my life. My parents are both very creative, my Mum is a wonderful knitter who has just begun to get much more adventurous which is very exciting to watch unfold. She is also an inspirational cook…I still have a lot to learn. My Dad is an inspiring artist and in a previous incarnation carpenter, to be honest I’m in awe of what he is able to produce. Would be good to see more come to think of it.

Anyway, they sent me to a Steiner school which really (I feel) contributed to a core grounding of good values and good, wholesome (!) pleasures. This school, a million times more than the state school I joined at 11 years old, really inspired me to learn, experience and develop.  I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate and respect the freedom we were given as children to grow and develop at our own paces.  It really helped instill an appreciation for arts and creativity along with a passion for nature and learning what life has to offer us, and what we can offer too. I’ll stop there as I know I’m ranting now, sorry – back to the topic at hand.

There, I embarked upon many a wooly treat. In Class 2 we learned how to hand card and spin on both a drop spindle and a spinning wheel. Later on, after feeding the lambs etc, I also hand sheared a sheep – what an experience! We all learned how to knit, producing our very own stuffed Waldorf toys (I made a chicken and a male doll with a couple of outfits).

Then, other than cooking with my Mum and the arty subjects I took at school, my creativity dwindled somewhat. Much more recently however I decided to pick up a pair of knitting needles and see if I could remember how to knit. I was knitting away happily again very soon after. However, I am quite an impatient person and this seems to show even in my crafting. I tend to want more instant results than knitting can offer.

We’re finally getting to the point here, so wake up if I’ve bored you to slumber, hehehe.

This is when my Mum came to visit and we were looking in a local fabrics/craft shop (C&H fabrics should you live in the SE of England!) when we came across a very small 1/2 stand of felting books and equipment. My Mum suggested that I have a go so I bought this book:

I’d suggest you have a look at her website at http://www.gilliangladrag.co.uk/. Unfortunately I’ve seen some rip offs of her designs for sale on handmade crafts sites such as etsy and folksy (fantastic resources and brilliant for gifts), which is a real shame. Personally, I think it’s fair enough if you’re making for yourself but I for one would be a bit peeved if someone sold my design. For all I know though I’m on my high horse for nothing and they asked permission!

The book really got my creative juices flowing. My Mum had bought some lovely naturally dyed multicoloured roving samples not long before so I got an old sushi mat, bought myself a cheap hanky and off I went. My first projects were some felted mats/coasters which turned out nicely. I also made an easter decoration consisting of small wet felted eggs in spring colours which ended up as a hanging mobile. This turned out very well and to be honest I was chuffed so it spurred me on. From there, I’ve moved on to needlefelting too – at the start it wasn’t great, with a bit of a failed attempt at an Easter card design for my Dad but I’m getting there. I prefer to mix the 2 techniques at the moment though. Maybe one day I will be as amazing as some of the sculptural needle felters out there, but somehow I can’t see it happening. Just look at these: http://www.stephaniemetz.com/ as one example!

I know I’ve rambled on for more than long enough about myself now. Hope anyone reading is a very happy bunny.